Blogging & Social Media

Have you got hidden treasure in your business?

I’ll help you find the gold and make your website sparkle.

Let’s say you’ve done the work to obtain new website visitors.

Now it’s time to nurture your prospects.

Having a dedicated blog, sharing on social media, or keeping in touch using email marketing is the perfect way to do this.

Think of your blog as an ongoing conversation to engage readers by explaining how your unique product or service can assist them. 

This starts with your website copy and continues as across your blog content, email marketing and social media.

Having fresh relevant content on your website also assists with SEO, which helps grow your organic reach, meaning more visitors to your website. 

Hmm, I can hear you thinking “But I’m too busy!”

How do I fit this in around my business?”

Our goal is to save you time, by developing regular content to publish to your blog, email and social media channels.

One of the keys to building a community of followers is capturing your reader’s information, as this allows you to talk to them once they leave your website.

It is an invaluable tool in building a long-term relationship with prospects.

Anyone who comes into contact with your business online or offline can be given the option to join your community to receive information. 

Now this is when the magic can begin to happen.

As you start to grow a following and share the story behind your business, new friends turn into followers.

Your online marketing comes together and why your social media presence, email campaigns and blog require synergy, like a well-oiled machine.

While your website copy strikes up a conversation, your blog in an ongoing reminder to educate readers about your business and how it can serve them through quality content. 

With so much competition in the market, customers need to know what your unique point of difference is and how it solves their problem.

Why should they partner with your business as a customer?

Blog articles, video content, email and social media channels provide the ideal platform to communicate these features and benefits.

People don’t like being sold to, they want to know how your business can serve them.

The reality is that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to content marketing.

Developing a strategy that is unique to your product or service and speaks directly to your target market is essential.

Ready to get started, but need assistance with copywriting?

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