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Paradise Copy - Copywriting Gold Coast

Rather be at the beach than copywriting?

Feeling lost for words with your website, social media or blog?

Want your content to be outstanding but just don't have the time?

Let's work together and get this thing done!

Hi there! You may be mistaken for thinking you’ve arrived at a travel website…. It’s okay it’s not you, it’s me – I just love the beach!

Just give me a few seconds to explain, but first, kick back, grab a pina colada (or iced latte) and make like you’re on a tropical island (sunhat and sunscreen optional).

Paradise Copy - Copywriting Gold Coast

Ok so I said I'd explain...

My name is Holly I’m your resident website copywriter, marketing guru and blogger (AKA new BFF) with a passion for nature and travel…. and of course, most importantly, I love making your website stand out from the crowd with powerful copy.

No longer will you be blending in with the pack. Your website will be shouting from the rooftops how incredible your business is, allowing you to attract more of your ideal customers.

Do I have your attention?

Now I thought that it would be fitting to continue with the travel theme, so we can have a little fun, because that’s what life is about, right?!

So pack your bags and jump in the van, we’re off!

Capturing your reader’s attention is just like when you check into a hotel and are welcomed by reception, it’s the first impression that counts.

That’s why your marketing content needs to create interest and engage your viewer immediately to make them want more (we’ll get to the nitty gritty later).

Paradise Copy - Copywriting Gold Coast

It's all about your key messages

Travelling through your website will become a positive journey with content that keeps your readers interested.

Each page will flow on to the next, with consistent messaging to educate and engage your target audience each step of the way.

It’s like meeting a stranger who becomes a friend – once they know how your unique product or service can meet their needs, based upon your key selling proposition, they will want to partner with you.

Hmm but if it’s that simple, why isn’t everyone doing it?!

Let’s draw on a food analogy (who doesn’t love cheese?!)

While a cleverly designed website may be the icing on the cake, your website copy is the meat in the sandwich.

It’s how your customers understand what you do and how it can solve their problem.

My job is to develop your website copy, ensuring that it is SEO friendly and entices visitors who land on your website.

I’ll also help you create quality content for your blog and social media channels so that you can continue to engage with your prospects in order to nurture leads and turn them into valuable customers.

Paradise Copy - Copywriting Gold Coast

It’s more than just words on a page

The problem with copywriting is that it’s often overlooked when it comes to designing a website, or is the last consideration for setting up a blog.

However, the truth is that there is nothing more important than the words that are placed on your website.

Without them, people are less likely to find you in search engines like Google, or if you are promoting your business and visitors arrive on your website but it’s basically naked (come on it’s embarrassing, at least put on your swimmers!). That means that they’ll leave before you even have a chance to say “hi”.

Book me in, I’m off to the beach!

If you’ve made it this far down the page you’re at least a little convinced that a quality copywriting service is something you need to invest in.

To get in touch, please send me a message so we can make a time to chat. I’d love to hear about the goals you have for your business and look at how we can work together to make them a reality through targeted copywriting for your website, blog or social media channels.

Where to from here?

Once we’ve touched base and have a plan in action, all you’ll need to do is to make like you’re on a tropical island (or literally head to the beach – you know you need some down time!) and enjoy your favourite beverage or a good book while I look after your copywriting for you.

Okay so that might be a bit far-fetched as I know you’re busy with the day-to-day running of your business.

How about you simply get on with what you do best which is serving your valuable clients while I smooth out your online marketing and get your website, social media, or blog humming.